Publer Is The Hero of Social Media That Small Businesses Need

The tedious work of posting on social media can be a daunting task, especially if you are having to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time. Do you realize how much time you are spending each week making posts manually on your own? I know this first hand as a designer who has had to manage multiple clients’ social media accounts spending about 20-30 hours a week alone shuffling through creating the images, creating the text, creating the hashtags, uploading the content, and posting. It is exhausting to say the least.

That is where social media management applications come in handy. There are a variety of platforms out there that I’ve used over the years, including Heropost, HootSuite, Loomly, Later, ZohoSocial, and the list goes on. The issue that a lot of these tools have is they often come with a limited range of features, or the user interface is too complex to comprehend and you get frustrated and quit, or it comes at a very hefty cost.

Social media manager applications are not a cheap investment. Until now.

In my 10+ years of managing social media accounts, there’s one tool that I have come to absolutely love, and that is Publer. This platform is relatively new to the scene, but they came into the game with a bang, and it has become the dream tool for anyone from a small business to real estate professionals and marketing agencies who are trying to find an easy solution to just simply post social media content in as little time as they possibly can.

So, I want to dive a bit deeper into this review to talk about the features that Publer offers, and why it should be in your arsenal of marketing tools to help grow your business.

1. Link in Bio Pages: A Strategic Engagement Tool

The “Link in Bio” feature has become a staple for businesses on platforms like Instagram. Publer elevates this concept by allowing users to create a dedicated page that consolidates all pivotal links. For a small business owner, this means a centralized hub for all your content, making it easier for followers to engage with your brand. By directing traffic to a single page, you can seamlessly guide your audience to various channels, from your latest blog post to a seasonal sale.

What’s nice about this feature is that you can avoid having to pay extra monthly fees to other well-known platforms that do this same thing. This truly sets them apart already from the rest of the competition for me.

2. Calendar View: Streamlining Content Planning

Are you a person who prefers to look at visuals when trying to organize your life?

Same here.

Effective social media management hinges on meticulous planning. Publer’s calendar view is more than just a visual aid; it’s a strategic tool. Users can craft, schedule, and visualize posts, ensuring a consistent content flow across networks. The drag-and-drop feature simplifies rescheduling, a boon for businesses juggling multiple campaigns.

Creating posts through this calendar alone is quite a breeze if you’re looking to do a really quick update. They literally make this so easy to do.

3. Workspaces: Enhancing Team Collaboration

Perhaps you work with a team of people, or you may be a social media manager or agency that is looking for solutions where you can collaborate with the people you work with or for.

Enter Publer Workspaces.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. Publer’s workspaces facilitate real-time collaboration, allowing team members to share insights, assign roles, and streamline the approval process. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with remote teams or those considering expansion.

You can manage multiple brands if you run multiple businesses or manage multiple clients. My favorite part, though, is the function to send social media content drafts to your clients or teammates and wait for their approval. You or your teammates can also include internal notes to communicate feedback. If you have clients, you can also give them a calendar view of upcoming posts so they can see the work for themselves.

As there are many businesses out there looking for these type of collaborative solutions, Publer definitely delivers here.

4. Browser Extension: Instant Content Sharing

As of writing this article, I just found out that Publer offers a browser extension which allows you to instantly share images and text on other websites to your social media accounts.

Umm, hello. Game changer.

The ability to share content instantaneously is invaluable. Publer’s browser extension integrates seamlessly, enabling users to share relevant content on-the-fly. This feature is a testament to Publer’s commitment to efficiency, ensuring that businesses never miss an opportunity to engage their audience.

5. Analytics Dashboard: Data-Driven Decision Making

What will becoming the most frustrating experience of trying to manage multiple social media platforms is that each platform has their own set of analytics dashboards. If you’re keen on collecting data of your social response (and you should be keen on it if you’re not), having one dashboard to view all those statistics would make your life SO much easier.

You need a good analytics dashboard as a compass to guide your social media strategies. Publer’s comprehensive analytics dashboard offers insights into follower growth, engagement metrics, and optimal posting times.

For small business owners, this means informed decision-making, ensuring that every post maximizes reach and engagement. The best part is that you are, once again with this platform, saving time that you can spend to focus elsewhere in your business.

6. Content Curation: Crafting Compelling Posts

If I could list one of my favorite things about Publer that made me decide to make an immediate switch to their platform is their beautiful and gorgeous user interface. They definitely took the time to make their platform simple to use and keeps away from being distracted by too many buttons and options.

Why am I mentioning this? Because you will see the ease of use when it comes to curating posts. When you create a new post, a modal pops up giving you the ability to choose which platforms you want to post, and then each platform will have their own set of options.

As you may or may not know by now, not all platforms are created equal. Facebook doesn’t have much in terms of limits on characters, while Twitter does. Instagram doesn’t allow links. TikTok does videos (although they have text posting now). Publer knows this information and will make it easy on you.

Have I mentioned this helps to save you time?

7. Bulk Scheduling: Efficiency Redefined

This is kind of a continuation of the last point I made with Publer allowing you to post on multiple platforms.

But let’s talk about bulk scheduling.

You have the option to either post manually and fast if you need to post on the spot to multiple networks. You can also do a bulk upload of up to 500 photos, videos, and GIF’s at one time. Finally, you can place all your content, dates, message, links, and media URL’s on a CSV sheet and import them directly into Publer.

Then there’s the scheduling.

Pick manual times, automatically schedule for each social media account, recycle multiple times, or share it periodically on repeat.

You can even automate the deletion of posts at a specific time.

You may think by now, “Wow this software is really packed with features.” Oh but there’s more…

8. AI Assist: The Future of Content Creation Today

AI is on everyone’s mind these days from business owners to digital agencies. Some are excited by it, and some fear it. AI has literally taken the Internet by storm in a very short period of time. I think it’s safe to say it is not going to go anywhere.

Here’s where Publer became one of the first platforms to get smart about it.

Publer’s AI Assist, powered by GPT-4, offers a glimpse into the future of content creation. From crafting engaging posts to generating visuals, this feature ensures your content remains at the forefront of innovation.

One of my favorite features is taking existing copy that I have created and you can ask the AI Assist to rewrite the content or to help with hashtag ideas. Publer features its own hashtag search where you can see if the keywords will work well enough for your posts.

Hate to sound like a broken record, but yes this also saves you time.

9. Pricing: Premium Features, Competitive Rates

This is the part of this review that you are probably scared of, but I’m telling you right now you do not have to be.

I will cut to the chase; Publer is one of the most affordable platforms out there for scheduling social media posts.

You can even try it for free with 3 free social account hookups. Granted, you won’t get all of the premium features, but if you need a simple setup to make some posts, the free accounts will work just fine.

The paid plans are where you start to get the bulk scheduling and analytics, but even then they are very affordable. With plans starting as low as $20/month, Publer offers an array of premium features without the hefty price tag. For small business owners, this means access to a world-class platform without straining the budget.

Two Thumbs Up

Hopefully my review has spoken for itself, but I cannot suggest this platform enough. I predict that in a couple of years, they will propel themselves to be one of the most talked about platforms of social media scheduling tools. They also have a very active community and an extensive roadmap for even more features to roll out in the coming years.

Don’t waste this opportunity to get your free Publer account now to get started, and I guarantee you will see the value immediately and want to upgrade. For a small business owner, this tool is going to help you save so much time you will be thanking me for years to come.

Brett Kennedy

With a BS in Digital Marketing, certifications in Digital Ads, Analytics, and Content, and a decade of hands-on experience, Brett is committed to leveling up your digital presence.

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