A snapshot of some of our webcrafting.

Empowering Wellness Revolution


As a key contributor to the launch of ModernWeigh, an innovative online telehealth weight loss clinic, I played a pivotal role in establishing a powerful digital presence. From the ground up, I spearheaded the website design and development process, creating a user-friendly platform that seamlessly facilitated virtual consultations and personalized wellness journeys.

I also crafted a brand identity that reflected the clinic’s mission of empowering individuals to achieve their health goals. By implementing strategic social media management, engaging content creation, and targeted paid social advertising campaigns, we are on our way to fostering meaningful connections.

Before I had a website that was barely functioning and it was frustrating. Brett came in and completely remodeled my brand with a website and online shop, and now I feel proud to show off my website to customers.

Roxanne M.

Elevating User Experience

Karma By Design

In this project, I undertook the challenge of redesigning the established business’s website to enhance functionality and optimize the customer experience. With a keen focus on user flow, I meticulously mapped out the customer journey, streamlining the path from website visit to purchase completion. Each page layout underwent a complete redesign, carefully crafted to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. 

By revamping the eCommerce shopping platform, I implemented design improvements that made product browsing and checkout processes effortless and visually appealing. Through this comprehensive transformation, Karma By Design has solidified their position as a trusted and user-friendly online destination.

Brett is by far one of the most talented writers and designers that I have worked with. He has given me so much helpful advice.

Ilan G.

Fighting Food Insecurity

Nourishing Networks
This work was performed outside of the DivKing brand but was represented by the owner.

In my collaboration with Nourishing Networks, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization committed to ending food insecurity, I orchestrated a digital transformation that made a significant impact. Over a three-month period, I established a dynamic social media presence, resulting in a 20% increase in followers, redeveloped the website that contributed a 372% increase in unique views, created blog content that propelled viewership by 45% in two months, and launched two email campaigns that met industry benchmarks to drive awareness for Nourishing Networks’ cause. 

Through these collective efforts, we strengthened the organization’s digital presence, galvanized community support, and made substantial strides in the fight against food insecurity.

Wow, wow, wow! Brett has done such excellent work for me and exceeds every expectation that I have each and every time.

Amanda D.

Artisan Transformation

The Gilded Raven

In the case of The Gilded Raven, my expertise in website redevelopment, branding, and eCommerce solutions converged to create a remarkable transformation for this artisan jewelry retail shop. As the lead developer, I took charge of revamping the website, establishing a distinctive logo and branding, and implementing a robust eCommerce platform. 

By seamlessly blending creativity and functionality, I successfully crafted an online shopping experience that showcased the exquisite handcrafted jewelry collection. I also played a vital role in establishing a social media presence and implementing effective paid social advertising strategies.

Working with Brett has been such a blessing. I was struggling with my website, and he completely flipped it around so quickly I was stunned.

Joyce L.

Branding Overhaul

Casair, Inc.
This work was performed before DivKing Media formed but was represented by the owner.

In 2013, I spearheaded the highly successful redevelopment of Casair, Inc.’s outdated website, breathing new life into their online presence. Through meticulous research and a user-centric approach, I not only achieved a remarkable 500% increase in visitor traffic within three months, but also secured top-ranking positions on search engine results. 

Additionally, I managed social media content and executed paid social and search advertising campaigns, resulting in a substantial growth of 5,000 followers over a three-year period. These achievements stand as a testament to my expertise in website redevelopment, SEO, and effective social media management.

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