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We are passionate about your online success.

Our mission is for you to succeed online. We can help you build your digital personality in a lot of different ways. We have a strong background in web design, sales, and know a lot about digital marketing. Our knowledge makes sure that every project not only looks good but also gets results. This way, you can be sure that your money spent on web design services is not just wasted but also a smart move that helps you reach your business goals.

Our Values

We believe in the power of meaningful connections and strive to create authentic, inspiring brands experiences for businesses and their customers.

Our Mission

At the core of our work lies a deep commitment to understanding and empathizing with our clients, ensuring their brand story resonates.

Our Passion

We’re dedicated to empowering small business owners with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their marketing efforts and achieve long-term success.

DivKing Media is your solution for effective web design services and digital consulting.

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Brett Kennedy


Hello, I'm Brett.

About Me

As a fellow business owner, I deeply understand the challenges and triumphs of navigating the digital landscape. Over the years, I’ve channeled my passion for digital marketing into crafting websites and building online platforms.


  • BAS in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Content Certificate
  • Advertising Certificate
  • Marketing Analytics Certificate
  • Google Ads Certified
  • Continuously training for new certifications
Digital Transformations
Retention & Return Clients
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